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TinyTot™ Safety Pillow

TinyTot™ Safety Pillow

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Worried about your little one falling back and hitting their tiny head?

Worry no more! The TinyTot™ Safety Pillow has you covered! Our cushion sits perfectly behind your little ones head and back providing a soft landing and reduced impact when your baby loses balance and falls backwards. It's suitable for ages 0-3 years old and will prevent infant and toddler injury with its soft pillow like cotton filler!

Relieve yourself of the constant concerns of your baby possibly getting a concussion from falls!

This game changing safety pillow is made from soft, hypoallergenic materials to reduce the risk of skin irritation and allergies. It comes with adjustable shoulder and chest straps for any size babies and to allow you to adjust the height as your baby grows! It's light weight, portable, and machine washable which makes it great on the go! It'll also make the perfect gift for moms, new moms, or a mommy to be! 
Our cushion is the easiest way to protect your baby when learning to sit up, walk, or crawl! Its breathable design puts your child's mobility and development at the forefront of your mind. No more tears, bumps, or surprise emergency visits with this convenient little cushion!
There is no limit to the reassurance and peace you will have knowing your child is safe from head bumps and bruises with the TinyTot™ Safety Pillow!
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