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Whisker Wheel™ Scratching Board

Whisker Wheel™ Scratching Board

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Looking for a solution that keeps your cat entertained while protecting your home?

Look no further! We've got you covered with the WhiskerWheel™ Scratching Board! It's game changing design will keep your cat entertained for hours saving your furniture and protecting your home.


Does your beloved kitty deserve the best in entertainment and self-care?

Our WhiskerWheel™Scratching Board is the perfect blend of style, functionality, and feline fun! Designed with your cat's natural instincts in mind, the WhiskerWheel™ provides a unique and satisfying scratching experience. Crafted from high-quality, eco-friendly materials, this round cat scratching board is more than just a toy, it's a sanctuary for your furry friend's claws and curiosity.

The WhiserWheel™ has a sleek, round design not only adds a touch of modern sophistication to your home but also provides your cat with 360 degrees of scratching pleasure. Say goodbye to unsightly furniture damage and hello to a stylish, cat-friendly solution.

Made from durable, scratch-resistant materials, the Whisker Wheel™ can withstand even the most enthusiastic scratchers. It's designed to last, giving your cat years of enjoyment and saving you money on replacements. Regular use of the Whisker Wheel™ helps maintain your cat's claws and promotes healthy scratching behavior. It's a proactive way to prevent stress, boredom, and unwanted destructive habits in your furry companion.

The Whisker Wheel™  isn't just for scratching, it's also an interactive playground for your cat. Watch as they spin it, pounce on it, or curl up for a cozy nap. It's an all-in-one solution for exercise, entertainment, and relaxation. We care about your cat's well-being and the environment. That's why the WhiskerWheel™  is made from non-toxic, sustainable materials, ensuring a safe and eco-conscious choice for your pet.


Cleaning up after your cat has never been easier. The Whisker Wheel™'s smooth surface is a breeze to wipe clean, keeping your home fresh and tidy.
Upgrade your cat's playtime and pamper them with the Whisker Wheel™ Scratching Board Toy. Say goodbye to scratched furniture and hello to a happier, healthier, and more entertained cat

Give your furbaby the wonderful experience of the Whisker Wheel™

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